Player menu to trigger vivisted state on an object?

Jan 04, 2018

I have a course that includes 1) a player menu, and 2) an interactive image within the course that also acts as a menu to content. Ideally, I would like the learner to click on the parts of the image to go to the various slides of content. However, it's important for this project that they also can click to content through the player menu. I have set up visited states on the interactive image so the user can see what content they've visited when they click the image. But if the learner visits content through the player menu, the visited states on the interactive image aren't triggered.

Is there a way to configure things so that if a learner clicks on a piece of content through the player menu, the associated object on the interactive image gets a state change to visited?

Thanks for any help with this, and please let me know if I need to clarify this question!

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Brian Dennis

I imagine a true/false variable connected to your interactive image's state logic would work. Set the variable to true for each starting slide of each slide "segment" at its timeline start. This way if the learner lands on the slide from the player menu or your interactive menu the arrival is tracked by way of the variable. Then, in your interactive menu's trigger logic look at the true/false value as one of the state's logic conditions.

BTW the same technique can be used to roughly track progress through a course. I have three true/false variables I'm using to gauge progress; "introduction_viewed", "prereq_viewed" and "summary_viewed"

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