Player position for mobile app

I have to create a short course which can be accessed via an LMS  mobile app.   Is there anyway to default the Storyline player so the course itself is left justified within the player.  I have changed the story size to align with the settings specified by the vendor for the various devices  (for phones it is quite small 320x416 portrait)  It works on the iphone although not perfect however with android device all I can see is the left side of the player and only part of the course.   It does not allow me to swipe or resize the screen in order to access the rest of the screen. 

If I could get the course to sit to left of the player this would be very helpful, but I cannot seem to find a way to do this.  

Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated.

With thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cath,

The location of your player within your browser or an LMS specific mobile app is not a setting you can control from within Storyline. It may be something you could modify within the published output, but I'll have to defer to the community on how to set that up.

In regards to the Android display, we don't officially support Android however, if you'd like to see official support for a particular mobile device, we welcome your feature requests.