Player Properties "Other" Button is Missing

Hello, When I go into my project, click on "Home" and then on "Player" the Player Properties window appears. According to the tutorial, there should be a button called "Other" underneath the buttons for "Colors & Effects" and "Labels" in the "Custom" area. This "Other" button does not exist in that spot on my projects. Could you suggest what is wrong or if there is a setting I need to change in order to have access to the "Other" button so I can change the browser settings, etc.? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eric, 

I'm not sure I'm following - the "other" button is a part of the Storyline UI while editing, but then you mentioned changing the menu font size which sounds like the player set up for how the course will be viewed once published? Could you share an image of what section you're referring to so that we can ensure we're talking about the same thing? 

You mentioned using the Surface as well, so I just wanted to ensure that you had seen the Support article here. 

Tim Spinler

I know this is an old article and I don't know if this will work for everyone, but I was losing my Other button in Storyline 2 running Windows 10 and no display adjustments would work for me.  I ended up right-clicking the storyline.exe file, going to the Compatibility tab, and both disabling DPI scaling and running the application in Windows 8 compatibility mode.  Since changing these settings I've had no problems (so far).  

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christel, 

Sorry the "other" button is still missing - the DPI switch should have been enough! Did you reboot your Windows 10 machine fully after making that switch? Are other things not working in Storyline too? It may be a good idea to go through the repair steps just to make sure you covered all the bases!

Let me know if it's still causing you problems. 

Christel Hyden

Thanks! I didn't even need to do the DPI switch, I was already at the right
settings. But for some reason reinstalling it and then setting it to run as
if it's in an older version of Windows and then restarting my computer
seems to have helped and I finally have my Other button back!