Player scroll bar not appearing correctly

Dec 17, 2018

Greetings Group! 

I've updated to the most recent version of Storyline 360 and a weird thing is happening. The scrollbar in the player isn't appearing as it was designed. And in Chrome it is adding a black line in the middle of the scroll bar. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Can this be fixed? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stephanie.  Thanks for sharing those screenshots.  I was able to reproduce the divider line between the slide title and the slide notes overlapping with the top part of the scroll bar.  I didn't get the black line, however.  I'm using Chrome v 71. 

You can test my content here.  Can you let me know what version of Chrome you're using? 

The color formatting of the scrollbar in HTML5 output isn't a feature we've implemented at this point, so it is expected that it will appear gray.  The overlap is a bug that we've documented, and I'll let you know here if we release a fix for it!

Katie Riggio

Hello, Yvonne. Happy to help!

There are two behaviors mentioned in this discussion, so I want to make sure you get the most up-to-date information:

  1. There is an open bug where the player's divider line (displayed between the slide title and notes) overlaps the player's scrollbar. No updates on this one as of yet, but we'll share the news on any new developments!
  2. In all versions of Storyline, the Classic player scrollbar appears grey. We're tracking votes for the ability to add a color formatting option for the scroll bar in the HTML5 Classic player, so I'll make sure our report is up to date with your voice. Here's a peek at how we prioritize such ideas!

Let me know if that helps; I'll be here!

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