Player scroll bar not appearing correctly

Greetings Group! 

I've updated to the most recent version of Storyline 360 and a weird thing is happening. The scrollbar in the player isn't appearing as it was designed. And in Chrome it is adding a black line in the middle of the scroll bar. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Can this be fixed? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stephanie.  Thanks for sharing those screenshots.  I was able to reproduce the divider line between the slide title and the slide notes overlapping with the top part of the scroll bar.  I didn't get the black line, however.  I'm using Chrome v 71. 

You can test my content here.  Can you let me know what version of Chrome you're using? 

The color formatting of the scrollbar in HTML5 output isn't a feature we've implemented at this point, so it is expected that it will appear gray.  The overlap is a bug that we've documented, and I'll let you know here if we release a fix for it!