After publishing, TOC scrollbar changes to gray

Aug 28, 2017

Possibly after installing Articulate 360, all of our TOC scrollbars turn to gray when we publish our modules. In preview mode, the scrollbars have the normal color, but in the published files, the scrollbars all turn gray. I've tried changing to other default color player themes, and get the same result. The scrollbar will have the theme color (blue, green, etc.) when I preview it, but as soon as it's published, it's back to the gray color again.

Any ideas about how to fix this? It's possible that this started happening after we installed Articulate 360. Our files published earlier in the year don't have that same issue.

Thanks for any help!

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Sherri Sagers

Just a little more information that might help:

These files were converted from Storyline 1 or Presenter and published in Storyline 2. I see the issue whether I publish in Storyline 2 or Storyline 360. 

I'll attach one of the modules it's happening with, but I've checked 6-7 others and have found the same issue. I've also asked one of my colleagues to try and she found the same. The scrollbar has the correct colors in preview mode, or when checking the player colors, but once it's published, the scrollbar changes to gray.

I've also tried changing the player colors to a few of the default colors (orange, green, slate, etc.) and find the same issue with the default color themes.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sherri!

The difference you're seeing the scrollbars is due to viewing the Flash vs. the HTML5 output. The Flash output displays the blue scrollbar, and the HTML5 output incorrectly displays the grey scrollbar. We've reported this to our team, and they're monitoring the impact of this bug. I'll definitely add your experience to the report.



If you see a grey scrollbar, double check that Flash is enabled in your browser. If Flash is disabled, the content will default to HTML5. If you're publishing with Storyline 360, you'll want to publish with Flash/HTML5. 

Julie Mountain

The grey scroll bar seems to be in Edge and Internet Explorer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joyce, 

We've seen some differences in the scrollbar based on viewing the Flash vs. HTML5 output of your courses. Also, the HTML5 output does not pick up the scroll players you've set in the player colors, that is specific for Flash. Our team is keeping an eye on these type of feature requests though, so we'll let you know if this is something we implement.

Joyce Hensen

I'm confused about this response. Does this mean that I (or someone) needs to make a feature request to have the colors act as expected in HTML5?  Since Flash is going away in the not too distant future, we are beginning to migrate to HTML5 and away from Flash. When Flash is gone, will we just have to live with the gray scroll bar, or is this actively being worked on for an update?

Crystal Horn

Hi there Joyce!  In the interest of transparency:  there is some discrepancy about whether this is a bug, or a feature that we can consider implementing.  I'd like to get some confirmation about how we're treating this issue from our team, and I'll be able to give you (and the others in this discussion) a more solid update on the direction for it.  I'll likely post an update next week.

Thanks for asking for clarification - it prompted some good QA on our end!

Stephanie Curry

I just posted something about this, but not only is it showing up gray, now it has a black line through it, which doesn't look good. Also there is some issue with the Transcript > Separator appearing over the scroll bar...Something in the most recent update broke this. It was working better. It may have been gray, but it didn't have these weird lines appearing.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stephanie.  Connecting to this post here, as well... 

The color formatting of the scrollbar in HTML5 output isn't a feature we've implemented at this point, so it is expected that it will appear gray.  The overlapping separator is a bug that we've documented, and I'll let you know here if we release a fix for it!

Joyce Hensen

It's been a while since this post. Is there an answer about whether it's a bug or a feature request that someone must submit? The gray looks terrible in courses with customized or dark color schemes. If a feature request needs to be submitted, could you supply the language as I'm not an IT person and know nothing about HTML5 other than that it doesn't play nicely with animation.

Sherri Sagers

I'm a little bit confused why we've started calling this a feature. Since we can specify which color we want the scrollbar to be, shouldn't we be correct in assuming that the published version of the file displays the color we've chosen?

If the published version doesn't allow for the scrollbar to be customized, then that shouldn't be an option. We should be able to see what it really ends up looking like in our previews.

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