Player Sidebar Removal

Hi there,

I am using Articulate 360 and am working in SL. I am trying to figure out how to totally remove the sidebar menu from the player. I understand how to deselect the possible options from the sidebar, but would like to have a full-screen of the entire slide without the blank space on the left where the sidebar normally resides even after I have deselected the options that are available to show. Is this possible at all?

Thanks for any advise you may have.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Shelley

sounds like you may have one or more slides that still have the 'menu' option ticked in the slide properties.

A quickish way to find out is to open the module in story view - select the first slide in the scene > ctrl A to select all slides in that scene, then check the slide properties panel in the bottom right hand corner.  You may notice there is a coloured block in the menu option - click to select/deselect and that should update the slides.  You'll need to do this for each scene you have.

Hope that helps