Player Tabs - Accessibility

Jun 06, 2022

When using the Modern Player in Storyline 360, how can you have the Player Tabs, like a Resources tab, close if a user presses the Esc key on their keyboard? This is an accessibility requirement that came up in an accessibility audit.

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Brian, and thank you for your question!

The purpose of the Esc key is to close a pop-up or a program. The Player Tabs are not technically either, so you'd use standard keyboard shortcuts to hide any of the Player Tabs

For example, if you were to open the Resources Tab, you would navigate to the Resources button using the Tab key, and then select the Resources button with the Enter key or Space Bar. Once the Resources Tab is open, you'd choose the Resources button to hide the tab. 

There isn't currently a way to use triggers to control how Player Tabs behave. Feel free to share your ideas with us in a feature request if that would benefit you!