playerproperties.xml equivalent?

Oct 28, 2013


As a Studio and Storyline user I am familiar with the publishing processes in each.

However as an LMS content librarian I also have to check content will conform with our LMS (SAP LSO).

With a Studio package I was able to look at the playerproperties.xml file and see if the completion status was set by slide views or a quiz, what the lesson_status would be set to, our reporting will only accept completed/incomplete and what the pass mark is for any completion based assessment.

I cannot find a comparable file in the StoryLine published content and I receive quite a few published packages with no access to the .story file that I need to be able to quickly check.

Is there a file similar to the playerproperties.xml in Storyline?

Thanks TC

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Trish McKinney

As we have just now begun to convert and republish Articulate 09 courses to 13, we're noticing issues with completion where it is set during publishing as Quiz but for some reason will not complete until # of slides has been satisfied. I was just trying to hunt for an equivalent of the presentation.xml file that Tony and Ashley have inquired about to research the issue because it's so clear as to what's happening between the settings and actual code. I agree with Tony that it is indeed such a shame as that information sheds some light as to what's going wrong during the publish process and how to handcode if needed. Articulate needs to rethink their tool and provide access to that information post publish. Don't get me started on the HELP tab not sticking to the right-side of the player after publish....if I couldn't edit this in the frame.xml, I'd probably ask for my money back.

Trish McKinney

I have looked all morning and historically, in-depth detail on how to edit Articulate Studio published files are found elsewhere (not through the community forums). What I have found today is there is not extensive information anywhere on editing published files to reflect the format of the Articulate Studio 2013 files.

I have done some sleuthing myself and although this thread is indeed re Storyline, the Articulate 2013 publish files look very similar in that there is no longer a presentation.xml file to edit this information, and the frame.xml does not contain the same data as Articulate 2009.

What I am interested in is the following which tells me what method is being used ot track completion in the LMS post-publish.






If someone could point me in the direction of where this data lives in published files in Articulate 2013, I would be so very happy. My fear is that because Articulate 2013 and Storyline are very similar in their publish output, that the answer to my question lies here in the Storyline forum...please, please let me be wrong.

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