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Feb 09, 2016


We are facing an issue while tracking a course completion status on the LMS. The course was created using Articulate Storyline 2 and was published for LMS with SCORM1.2 settings.

Since our course doesn't have the assessment, the completion criteria set to page completion (77 of 77 pages)

Though all the users have gone through the entire module, status for some users show "completed" and for others "incomplete".

Here is the suspend data for you to analyse:

for completed status:
Check attached "module_passedSCO.txt"

for incompleted status:
Check attached "module_failedSCO.txt"

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Bruce Holliday

Hi Magaly,

If you are getting inconsistent data then that may indicate that your users are not visiting every slide, or are quitting the course part way through.

In your publish and tracking settings are you defaulting to all slides must be visited for completion? If so, it it necessary?  You could reduce that a minimum of 1 slide or so to get a 100% visited.

Christie Pollick

Great information, Bruce! And just so you have it handy, Magaly, here is the article for Publishing a Presentation for LMS. You may also want to test your course via the SCORM Cloud. That will help determine if the issue could be LMS specific if you are unable to reproduce the behavior in the SCORM Cloud environment. This article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud may be helpful, as well. 

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