Playing Audio only once on Base Layer

Feb 17, 2019


I have a scene with a base layer that has audio on it. I only want the audio to play once however. So once the slide plays ( base layer) audio is audible but only teh first time.  When a learner visits a new layer, there is new audio there and at the end of the audio, it brings them back to the base layer. When they are brought back the second time, I want the audio to be silenced. I dont want the same audo to play again. It doesn't matter which layer is visited first ( learner can choose), as long as one is visited, I want to stop audio from timeline from playing on base layer. 

Any thoughts articulate community? Would be great if Audio can have states! 

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David Schwartz

Here's one way to do it. Set up a T/F variable that is initially set to false. Rather than adding the audio in the base layer directly into the timeline, add it via a trigger that causes the media to play at the start of the timeline for the base layer, on the condition that the variable is set to false. In the example I've attached, I've done that, and then added a trigger that immediately sets the variable to true.

When the user clicks to view a new layer, there is first a trigger to stop the media on the base layer, and then the trigger to view the layer. 

Because the base layer media will only play when the variable is set to false, it will only launch the very first time the base layer of that slide is viewed.


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