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Aug 05, 2015

I have a slide that is basically a TOC. When the learner enters the slide, the main audio plays. Then the learner clicks one of the modules, goes through that set of interactions, and comes back to this TOC slide where they can select another module or move on to the next slide. I have the second audio on a hidden layer that plays when they come back the first time. However, I want the second audio to play each subsequent time they return to this slide. and it doesn't currently. I have the settings on the base layer set to "resume saved state" so the visited items remain showing their visited state. There are four modules from this slide, so the main audio should play once and the second audio should play one to three times as the learner returns to the TOC. How do I get it to do that correctly? 

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Brett Rockwood

Hi Beth,

Here's one way you can it. You need a T/F variable set to F by default. You need to put your audio on separate layers. Then you need a trigger to read that variable  when the timeline starts on your TOC slide. Have that trigger say play audio 1 (layer 1) if the variable is F (the default, so that means the first time you play the slide), and play audio 2 (layer 2) if the variable is T. The key to making this work is you need to set triggers that change the variable from F to T when they leave your TOC slide. That can be the same buttons that you use to navigate to the other section.

If you set this all up correctly your TOC slide will read the variable as F the first time it's reached and therefore play audio 1 (on layer 1). When the user clicks to navigate away it changes the variable to T so the next time you return to the TOC it reads the variable, sees that it's T and plays audio 2 (layer 2).

Hope that makes some kind of sense.

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