Please decipher regarding lesson attempts

I have a question about lesson attempts. I have lessons created in Storyline 2. Users are showing multiple attempts in the LMS, when I would like them to only have one attempt, but the ability to come and go back to it in different sessions.  I tried asking the helpdesk for my LMS and got this reply:

If a lesson exits with a cmi.exit value of anything other than "suspend", a new attempt will be started when the lesson is reset.
cmi.exit is a scorm value, which doesn't mean launches or number of times they retried a quiz inside of a lesson, it means that upon exit of the lesson the lesson must tell the LMS that the user has exited and we are not saving their data to resume but rather they had one complete attempt and the lesson should be restarted. This would be something that the person who made the lessons or the 3rd party authoring tool would be able to tell you more about to set up your lessons to exit in the above manner.

Can anyone please decipher this for me in terms of Storyline 2?  Why am I getting multiple attempts reported?

Thank you!

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