Please help: Changing state after correct answers (.story file included)

Hi everebody,

First of all a very good morning from a very sunny Tulip-country. I would love some advice: I would like to show a checkmark when the learner has all the answers about a specific patient right. They have to score 100% right per wuestion and 100% right in toal. I playes with the changing possibilities in the trigger, but I obviously are doing something wrong because it won't change. I attached the .storyfile, so you can seer for yourself what I am doing wrong (thank you Michael Hinze for that advice). I put some red shapes with translations ont he slides, because the slides are in Dutch. (the Original file has 7 patients with 33 questions - but I thought 'what goes for one - goes for all - no?)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tineke


see if the attached works for you.  I moved the result slide so it appears before your Card slide also there was a reference to the wrong results.scorepoints.  In your variables there are two references, need to be sure you are always using the correct one.  Some of your triggers were using results.scorepoints and some using results1.scorepoints,

Tineke Porschen

Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much, I am understanding it a bit better now.

But, first of all I would like to NOT show the result slide at all. Ans when I do it the way you proposed, I don't think I can put the result (the checkmark) per patient card, can I? Every card represents 3-6 questions.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tienke

look now...I have move the layer to the results slide and covered the results with your pictures.  You just need to have the 'submit results' trigger when the timeline starts but you can cover over the contents of the slide if you like.  Hope that makes sense.  Bit messy but I  think you get the idea.

Christophe Jacobs

Hello Tineke,

I found a solution to your problem. And the logic you follow in your trigger on slide 2.3 is a bit too complicated. As always follow the general KISS rule (Keep It Super Simple).

What went wrong:

  • You don't need to check what the user has filled in into TextEntry54 or 55, because the system already performs that check by awarding the user 10 points for each correct answer.
  • You tried to link Results.ScorePoints in your trigger. You should have used Results1.ScorePoints in your trigger. This is a very common mistake. When you add the first result slide in your project, Storyline creates 4 variables (Results.XXX). But when you are experimenting and remove this first result slide, this doesn't remove the variables. So when you add a second Result slide, this will create 4 new variables (Results1.XXX). So when using a variable, make sure you use the correct ones.
  • The When portion of your trigger is linked to a variable changing. In my opinion it is better to link the action taken place on something you can control on you slide itself. So better to use when timeline starts of the slide. 
  • ALWAYS (and I cannot stress this enough) make a selection for the Allow seeking and When revisiting option in your slide/layer properties. Especially when you work with 'when timeline starts'.

So I changed the trigger on slide 2.3 to the following and now it works:




Quick tip for checkmark:

I would not put a checkmark on a layer and show the layer. I would place the checkmark on the base layer, but select the state hidden. And of course the trigger would have to change accordingly.

Kind regards,