Please help me with this condition - I just can't get it to work

May 08, 2015

Please help me with this condition - I just can't get it to must be the Retry Button or something not making the score 100 even if I pass the exam.

I have attached a detailed workflow.

It would be amazing if someone could help me.

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Graham OKeeffe

Hi Ashley,

So I see that now but I'm still having the same still seems to keep the previous score of fail hence I can't see the exam of the next slide.

I have attached a screenshot of my Exam slide...I know we're closer there must be something stupid I missing here.

I'm already over on my deadline :(

Please help.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Graham, remember

I have downloaded your latest file and been through the first three lessons.  I passed Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 and then failed Lesson 3.  I then clicked on Retry Quiz and passed the quiz and returned to the Review/Approver Menu.  I can see that the visited states on your main menu are not triggering completed for lessons 2 and 3 because I am not accessing those lessons from the main menu, I am following the Next button from Lesson 1 and progressing that way.  If you wanted the visited state to trigger on the main menu you would need to have a trigger on the last slide of each lesson to trigger that - you could use a true/false variable.  If I click Lesson 2 from the menu I get this screen which to me is correct because I have visited and completed Lesson 2

All your slide properties are set to 'Automatically decide' .

I'm not sure of the behaviour you are after with this module.  Should the user keep coming back to the Review/Approver Menu after each lesson or should they progress one after the other using the Next button.    I am not seeing the behaviour you describe above where you fail and the Exam button is missing. When I click the Retry quiz button I can see the score % change to 0 (that is the reset results trigger) and that's working fine for me.

Graham OKeeffe

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for reviewing the module...sorry for the last reply but I was exhausted and had to go to bed.

I got a guy I know who programs to have a looks and he helped me put in the following condition...see attached.

It works but I'm sure there must have been an easier way to do it.




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