Poor Image Quality on Master Slide

Jun 27, 2013

I place a logo image on a Storyline slide and publish. It looks fine.

I take the exact same logo image and place it on the Storyline Master and publish. It looks very fuzzy.

Any ideas? Is this a known problem with Storyline masters?

Thanks in advance!

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Michael Lacy


Have we found a solution to this problem? When I edit the button on the master slide the image is clear. Once I exit edit states the image gets fuzzy again. Images are included so you can see what I mean. First image is the blurry image after I have finished editing the state of the image. The next is the original. The last is how the image while in edit button states. 

How can I get a clear image all the time?  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I don't see that Keith replied to this thread, nor did he ever open up a Support case. You mentioned you're editing the state of the button - but I don't see what you're editing it to? I see the trigger you've added to it. Is it possible for you to share the .story file here with us, or if you'd prefer you can share it with our Support team privately. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing the actual file with me - looking at it now, are you zoomed in beyond 100%? When I view the image, I see it as the below screen shot, where it doesn't look blurry or pixelated.    I then went into your Slide master to go to "Edit states", and only then within the context of editing it does it look a bit blurry - but the original on the slide stays in a normal quality. 

So I'm not able to replicate the low image quality you're showing. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing - because you're using a PNG file, there will always be blurriness when zooming in as it won't scale correctly. The way around this would be to use a higher resolution image, and the effect will be lessened when zooming in. You may want to use a vector image instead (unless you're publishing for AMP/HTML5 as the vector images will not work correctly). 

As for why it's showing up differently when editing the states, it's looking at the original image that became a part of the file when you inserting it, not the zoomed in image. 

Jimmy Khoo

I know this is an almost 2 year post and I had the same problem when creating a background image with logos for the slide master using PNG image. The logos looked crisp in Articulate Storyline and once published, the output is blurred.

I have resolved this issue by converting my image into a 5-frame MP4 video file and insert the video file in slide master. I then set the order by sending the video file to the back. 

Once I published the project, since I used SL1, I go into the story_content folder and overwrite the output MP4 file with my source MP4 file. The output background is crisp and as a bonus, my MP4 file size is smaller than my original PNG file (35kB vs 47kB - 1600 x 900 resolution) 

Timothy Condon

I want to add that this fuzzy background issue is still occurring in Storyline 3 when using a background image in a slide master. My workaround is to manually update the background image file(s) in the published output, which works, but it is not an ideal solution. This still needs to be addressed. Changing your publishing settings to 100% image quality still results in a fuzzy background.

Timothy Condon

Leslie - I appreciate you commenting here. It is possible the email didn't reach me because this heroes account I opened uses my personal email but I entered my work email in the ticket itself. I added the support email to my safe senders address for both accounts so I'm not sure what is happening. I did reply back to the forwarded email but haven't heard anything since. P.S. We should return to this thread and delete these replies once we can actually share some info relevant to this thread :)

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