Poor Video Quality Depending on User

Nov 07, 2018

I have a course that includes three short videos created in Moovly. Each has been rendered at 720p and they range between 1.5 MB and 3.5 MB (very short videos). Compression is set to None and video quality is set to 9. When I post them and view them on Articulate Review the videos are clear and as expected. When my colleagues in Europe view them they are fuzzy and very compressed looking. However, when I post the just the stand-alone video on AR the videos are clear for my colleagues.

I have used Moovly videos many times before with no issues. Any ideas as to why we can view the same course on AR and experience different resolutions?

Naturally, this is time-sensitive, so anything you can offer is appreciated.

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Michael Anderson

I noticed that your IE11 screenshot is smaller than the Chrome one. Are your IE11 users running a lower screen resolution? If the video is being resized smaller to fit their screens, then this could be causing part of the problem with the fuzzy text. You might be able to duplicate their problem by lowering your own screen resolution and viewing the course that way.

Jim Bierbower

The images are just a little off--they came from different places. The issue is that the same piece of video, resized or not, plays differently on different browsers. Most user will be running at 1366 or better (laptop v. desktop) so that doesn't seem like it should be a factor.

I tried lowering mine to 1366 x 768 and, even factoring in the monitor distortion, it still looks better than what they get with IE11.

Michael Anderson

Wow, that looks horrible in IE11. I see someone else reported a similar issue in the forums, but a solution was never posted, unless upgrading to the latest version of Storyline did fix the issue for that user. As you said, other browsers are fine. IE just can't die with dignity, can it? I'll keep looking into the issue here. Maybe you could open a support case.

Jim Bierbower

Looks like I found the problem. My story size was set to 720 x 405, which isn't a problem for other browsers but apparently is for IE. I rescaled to 1280 x 720 and they look a lot better. I notice that IE also colors the whiteboard a shade of gray, which the others don't do either.

But thanks a ton for sharing that file! Once I saw its dimensions I figured I had the culprit.

I appreciate the help.


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