Populating Excel Sheet as Part of the Story

I am newer to Storyline and am wondering if there is any way to populate an excel file during the story. I am trying to make an Excel tutorial for one of our spreadsheets and was planning on the sheet filing itself out as a checker to the sheet they should be filling out or maybe even correcting their sheet. I was hoping to accomplish this with the built-in JavaScript execute triggers in Storyline. Is there any way to accomplish this?

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Aaron Kapala

Hi Jahan,

From what I have found in the past, getting data in to MS Excel is a bit of a nightmare, I have managed to do a work around, this meant I could transfer data to a GoogleSheet and then from there use a free web application which will then transfer that information to an Excel Spreadsheet.

For setting up for the data to transfer to a GoogleSheet, see thisĀ post by Kate.

For the external link from GoogleSheets to Excel, visitĀ this site but I have only managed my work OneDrive account.

Hope this helps, just shout if you need any further help.