Popup text from inserted markers displays incorrectly

I'm having an issue where some of the markers I've added to my course glitch when displaying the condensed popup. Normally when you mouse over them, they will pop up with the popups title. Some of the one's I've added are popping up with the full size of the expanded view and showing only the title below (see attachment for example). Has anyone experienced this? How can I correct it? I've tried resizing and reorienting the popup window and repositioning the marker to no avail.

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Kyle!

That screenshot is helpful; thanks for including it! Let's start with these tactics:

  • If this is only happening in one project, try importing the slides into a new blank Storyline file.
  • If you see this in multiple projects, run a quick repair as the next step.

Keep me posted, and we're just a click away if neither of those steps fixes things for you!