Portrait > Landscape on Windows Tablet

I am designing material for Windows Tablets. I am finding Storyline does not operate very well on the Windows device. Is there any setting so that the document will go from Portrait to Landscape and reformat (like on an Ipad). I can set my story size to fit in the portrait view, but then when the tablet is turned, it is tiny and vice-versa. Since it is a large company, we cannot control how it is going to be viewed.

Also, why is there an Ipad App (which works awesome!) for Storlyine but nothing for the Windows tablet? This does not make any sense, since you do not have software to design on a MAC computer, only a Windows computer.

If possible, we would change to using an Ipad, to utilize the App, but we are a Windows based company.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Jane!

I'm hoping another community member might be able to jump in and help out with the Windows tablet sizing issue, but since we don't yet have a Windows tablet app (and I don't have one to test on) I'm afraid I can't be of much help beyond pointing you toward a thread that has some good general discussion on tablet courses. 

And here's a feature request link where you can share your need for a Windows app directly with our Storyline team. 

Hope it helps, Jane!

Bonnie Tomlin

We are having a similar issue, but the problem is with the iPad and Safari.  The surface tablet / Widows is working great.

We are publishing our objects at 720 x 540 and placing them in an iFrame.  On an iPad, when initially viewing a Storyline file in Portrait view, and then switching to landscape view only roughly a quarter of the available space is used.  If this is done in the opposite order - landsscape then portrait, the Storyline file resizes properly.  We are using the updated version of Storyline - version 1.4.

Is there a fix for this.  We have tried publishing with different player settings - Lock player at optimal size, scale player to fill browser window.

Thanks in advance!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bonnie,

I'm hoping you mean update 4: build 1311.1422, and there were a lot of fixes in that version for how Storyline displays on an iPad specific to iOS7. I have heard reports of some issues with the iFrame, but it seems LMS specific. If you'd like us to take a look, we'd be happy to if you're able to connect with our team here.  Can you let me know the case number when you submit it?