Possible bug? Hover state sticking in drag and drop routine (SL360)

Jun 19, 2018

Our team has been using these drag and drop routines for years with Storyline 1 and 2 with no issue.  Using Storyline 360, the hover state will remain after the drag button jumps back.
This occurs in IE and Edge; Chrome works fine.
It happens in both Modern and Classic players.

Peek video showing a sample test:

Story file is attached as well.

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Tom Kuhlmann

I'd submit a support ticket. It looks like the button is stuck in the down state until it's clicked (almost acting like a selected state)

On a side note, instead of disabled, you could use a drop correct state which is one of the built in states. In fact, I'd use the convert to freeform feature to build the drag/drop and you wouldn't need to use the triggers.

Of course, it all depends on your real project needs as this was just a demo slide.

Here's a quick tutorial for those interested in using the convert to freeform for the drag and drop interaction.

Casey Conlon

Thank you for the response Tom.

I tested using Drop Correct instead of Disabled and it still had the same issue.

And yes, it would be simpler to use the buit-in freeform routine, but our standard is not to use the Submit button so the user gets instant feedback on a correct drop.

I'm assuming it has something to do with MS browsers handling it differently since it still works fine on Chrome, but I will submit a ticket.


Casey Conlon

In my attached example I do use freeform for some of the functionality.
The only added trigger I have is to make it so the dragged button cannot be clicked on/moved once it is dropped on a correct target. Any other state would not allow this... although maybe a mask could be used to cover the button, but that's gets needlessly complicated.

Either way, the intent of my original post was to point out the hover state sticking issue, which happens no matter what state is used once the button is dropped. It is when the button jumps back from an incorrect target.


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for bringing me back around to the issue you were reporting Casey :)

I appreciate you sharing a demo file for me to take a look at as well. I took a look and mimicked the behavior you shared in your recording, but I'm not seeing the same behavior. Here's my recording.

Even when publishing it looks great to me.

I'm using the latest update, which is Update 17.

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