Possible Storyline update considerations from the peanut gallery

I wish there was a way to do some sort of eval() on string variables. I know it isn't in the current version of Storyline, and I know the very concept is probably abhorrent to some developers, but I'm tossing this out here.

Since I assume that every named object is addressable in some manner or another, if we could form the name of a slide, then run an eval(slidename) on it, we might be able to more fully automate custom branching.

Of course, hand-in-glove with this would be the ability to append strings together, which is also not possible in Storyline right now as far as I know.

A third item that I wish Storyline would be able to do is create object variables, where we could group together like variables and treat them as a single entity. This would mean a fourth variable category, besides the three primitives Text, True/False, and Number. If this group was created, with a simple "dot" interface to properties, this would most likely cut down on the hundreds of variables/triggers that currently go into a truly functional e-learning course.

My 2 cents.


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Mark Ramsey

Yep, I know about the JavaScript option. I would like to be able to do these functions within Storyline so that 1) I don't have to publish it to see it working, and 2) if it's folded into Storyline, there's less of a chance of it going bad between Flash and HTML5 compiles. Although it would probably compile correctly either way, now that I think of it. And Ashley - thanks - I will do that.