Posting an articulate presentation to an online discussion group?

Oct 11, 2015


I'm very new to articulate storyline 2. I have created a short presentation for othe participants in an online course to view. I need to post it to a discussion thread.

I have published my project. I have a dropbox -- but I just do not know what I need to get the project posted (or a link posted) for my classmates to view.

Also - if you mention FTP credentails...I will have to use a public folder for dropbox, but how do I do it? Help!




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Steve VE


I have not done this personally but from what I can see you need to the following:

  1. Publish your project as a web project (Publish > Web > Publish).
  2. Locate your published project files.
  3. Upload your project files to Dropbox.
  4. Make the main project HTML file (story.html) a public link and share it. There are several tutorials on creating this link and making your pages accessible to the public. Here are a couple: Publish your web page using dropboxUsing Dropbox to host web pages

No FTP required for this method.

Hope this helps.


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