Potential bug in June 19, 2018 (Build 3.17.16117.0)

Jun 22, 2018


I have a very large commercially sensitive project that has stopped compiling properly since the update to Storyline 360.

It compiles and most areas still work fine. But one section fails in preview, when running locally in a compiled project in all browsers and when deployed with real data on a web platform. It is HTML5 only in classic player.

It seems like the update is the problem as when I compile it in a slightly older version on my second laptop licence machine it compiles and works fine.

The issue is with linking from one start slide in a scene to another set of up to 16 slides in the same scene. It is not a straightforward link as a user choose options on the starting scene slide which determine which slide to start with and which slides from a possible 16 would be connected together thereafter.

I guess someone needs the project file but it is commercially very sensetive. How can you help me and where can I upload with guaranteed security?


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