Potential Bug Related to Pasting Images in Large Projects

Jun 02, 2016

I notice that the application sometimes behaves weirdly when copy pasting images once the my project reaches "medium to large size", say over 300mb.

I was pasting images from a powerpoint file, all of which are very small images themselves, with a majority being simple shapes with text. From some point, the pasted images became untouchable, I could not select them on the slide, and when I click on the object on the timeline, it always selects another non-related object. 

I had to delete and redo the same action many times to eventually make it work. I know that large projects can cause performance issues, but this bug is a bit more special than just slow performance. I'm wondering if could this be caused by having large quantity of objects NOT having individual names? Should I avoid always letting the system name objects?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zett, 

Instead of copying/pasting them into Storyline have you looked at importing in those slides from Powerpoint? 

As far as how the objects not having names, I'm not sure I understand what you mean - do they show up as Object 1 and Object 1 (copy) and so on, or something similar? I'd also confirm that your set up exceeds the minimum requirements here, and if you're having overall memory issues on your system - it may be worth looking at closing down other programs. 

Zett Zhou

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your response.

I favored copy pasting when I only take some shapes or single objects from Powerpoint into Storyline, or when I use Powerpoint as an additional shape creator. But I will certainly try importing slides to see what it offers differently. 

As for my system environment, I'm running a quad core 2.8Ghz Intel i7 CPU, 16 Gb ram, and an AMD Radeon HD 8790M with 2Gb of Vram here. Although the GPU seems to be not fully optimized in this build somehow but the even without this GPU, the specs exceeds the requirements by a large margin. 

What I meant in my original question is that when you import something into a slide, image, video or audio, it gets a simple name automatically, like Picture 1, 2, 3... And I assume that the Storyline engine gives them a unique ID internally within the project. 

Now when I don't rename them after importing, and I have 50 slides filled with such objects named as Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3... Will that cause confusion for the engine to store them properly within the project? Perhaps this results in extra load in random ID generation because too many objects share the same display name?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zett,

Thanks for clarifying the elements on renaming. That shouldn't cause an issue, as Storyline doesn't have a central library of all the items you inserted - so they are each dealt with separately on the individual slides. If you do a publish you'll also find that images and audio files are renamed within the published output folder as per the Storyline set up and publishing process.

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