Potential issue with latest Chrome browser and SCORM

Jan 14, 2020

Note I got today from TalentLMS, think this has broader scope...  Wanted to see if there is awareness and/or impact.

In version 80 of the Chrome browser (planned to be released on February 4, 2020) all synchronous XHR during page dismissal will be disallowed.

This includes all synchronous AJAX requests that are executed on page unload (when navigating away from a page or when closing the browser/tab).

XHR requests on page unload are often used by SCORM & xAPI packages to send learners’ progress, so this change can possibly affect users viewing SCORM/xAPI units with the Chrome browser.

Best practice

We recommend you check all your SCORM/xAPI packages and update them accordingly, so that they do not use any synchronous XHR calls during page dismissal.


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