PowerPoint add-in error

After the most recent update when I attempt to start PowerPoint or open a PowerPoint file I get an error message:

"Sorry, for some reason PowerPoint couldn't load the C:\Program.....articulate.ppam add-in."

I do not have that file in that folder although my PowerPoint does have the Articulate ribbon.

I see that over the years others have had this issue but there is no solution posted, just a note that a support ticket was created.

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Marie McGuire

Thought I would jump in and provide details on how I was able to correct the issue.

  1. Temporarily turn off User Account Control (UAC) and reboot your computer.
  2. Right-click the Start button, then select Apps and Features. Select and uninstall all Articulate applications from your list of apps.
  3. Right-click the Start button and click Run. Type powerpnt.exe /regserver into the Run dialog box and click OK. This repairs the registry keys for PowerPoint.
  4. When the PowerPoint repair process is complete, reboot your computer. (Takes a little while to run, approximately 5 min.)
  5. Download and extract (res13Cleanup.bat) on your computer. https://cdn.articulate.com/assets/kb/ap13/res13Cleanup.zip?_ga=2.6466162.1925223910.1581430047-148914919.1581430047
  6. Right click the res13Cleanup.bat file and select Run as administrator. (This deletes the Studio registry keys and prepares the computer for a clean re-installation. It should only take a few seconds.)
  7. Reboot PC
  8. Re-install Articulate 360 and all Apps
  9. Return User Account Control (UAC) to previous setting.
  10. Test

I hope this helps.

Ben Boozer

I had started another discussion on the same issue before finding this one. I have an open support case and a ticket in with our AV vendor because the ppam file is being quarantined. Their partial response on this is:

"The reason behind us (and several others) flagging this is due partly to the PushToExe wrapper around it. Basically this is a PowerShell script wrapped around an executable...this is also what a lot of malware uses too. The PowerShell code does do some funky things as well, but all in all this is a legitimate application."


Marie McGuire

Hi Kerry, The error occurred again a week after we fixed it. After further analysis - my IT was able to determine that the add-in was being quarantined by our security software. Once that add-in was deemed safe and the computer was restarted. Everything starting working fine. You might want to reach out to your IT to see if its the same issue.