PowerPoint doesn't import ... at all!

Nov 03, 2019

I have a 12 slide PowerPoint presentation that contains high resolution graphics and videos. I want to import it into Storyline so I can synch graphics to the video and create an MP4 as well as have it to import into other storyline files for use in an LMS SCORM package. When I go to import the slides it ask me to select the slides, which I do by selecting all. Then I hit import into a new scene and BAM ... nothing. The scene is created but it is totally empty with no slides in it.

I have tried several times and let it sit for a long time thinking maybe the importation process takes some time. But nothing happens. My scene is empty.

Any ideas?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for reaching out! 

When importing your PowerPoint presentation into Storyline, are there any error messages that appear? There could be a few reasons why a PowerPoint if failing to import. We have a great resource that provides more details and solutions here

After going through the guide, if you continue to run into importing snags, please let us know! 

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