PowerPoint Slides Import without Text

Mar 07, 2018

I just updated to the latest and greatest Storyline 360 today.

I've never really been a big fan of importing PPT slides as a starting point for eLearning but I wanted to create something quick to practice importing SCORM content to our LMS (for my new job) and low and behold, when I tried to import a presentation with only 9 slides the images on the slides came through but text is MISSING. Actually, there are "elements" there in the timeline at the bottom that make me believe that Storyline "thinks" the text is there, but it's invisible (there is a blank outline for a text box).

I tried it with a 9 slide presentation and a 1 slide presentation which had text on a chart background, both behaved the same way.

Also, when I was prompted to choose which slides to import, I could see the text on the slides, it was just "lost in translation" somewhere during import.

Also when I attempt to add text to the slide, it is not visible (see screenshot, you'll see in the timeline I inserted a text box that is not visible on the slide).

And yes, I checked that the text was not some weird blended color and that the chart was not hiding the text box.

Any help is appreciated. I'm working out of PPT 2016 I believe.

I just wondered if anyone else ran into this, I couldn't find any mention of it in the current discussions.



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