Pre/post test - show answers from pre test in the post-test

Dec 15, 2021

Hi Heroes,

All templates, framework of pre/post test are great but I can't find the way to show pre-test answers in the post-test questions!

My strategy is to get answers over 5 questions, the results showing 3/5 correct.
send the training lessons and redo the tests by changing or confirming the previous answer (pre-test). Is that clear? I am french so my English could be confusing sometimes.

So in resume:
Pre test 5 questions - 5 answers - result slide you scored 3/5
Training lessons
Post-test showing:
Previously you scored 3/5
According to the lessons you just completed, On this question you answered : blablabla. Do you want to keep your answer or change it?
(and surely I need to know how to change the answer)

is that a possible programming in storyline?

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