Nov 05, 2013

Hi everybody,

I have an idea for a course but i'm not sure how I can do this in SL. At the beginning of my course I want to do a kind a pre-test (I ask about 5 questions and the learner select if the statement is a reality or a myth). In this pre-test, the learner select his answers and do not receive any feedback and after he begin the trainning. At the end of the trainning, I want to show him the answers he selected during the "Pre-test" and I want to let him the chance to change the answers he selected. At this time, he will received the feedback of the questions.

Do you have any idea of how I can do this?

Thank you for your answers!

Have a good day!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Émilie,

I like this idea, so I thought I"d take up the challenge.

I don't think this can be done using the default buttons, but it CAN be done with custom buttons. Here's what I did with the attached

There are 3 T/F questions. I've hidden the default submit button on all 3.

Each question slide has 2 custom buttons: Submit and Next.

  • The Next button is initially normal. A trigger is set up to change its state to hidden when the timeline starts if Submit's state is normal.
  • The Submit button is initially hidden. A trigger is set up to change its state to normal when the timeline starts if the Next button has been visited.

The next button advances Learners to the next slide without receiving feedback. When they return to the slide and Submit an answer, they DO receive feedback.

The only problem is that Learners can skip ahead without answering the question. To eliminate this problem, I created a feedback layer (but I only did it on the first would need to do on all slides) that prompts the Learner to answer the question. This layer is triggered if Learners click the next button without choosing an answer.

Also, I didn't bother changing to the custom next button on the content slides. You'd probably want to do that for consistency. I just threw this together relatively quickly. It's very barebones...just to get you started.

Please shout out with any questions.

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