Prev/Next Buttons on Quiz Review Slides

Apr 15, 2016

Our storyline file has custom buttons and navigation. When reviewing the quiz slides, Articulates default navigation buttons (prev/next) appear on the quiz slides. The only way i've found to remove them is to remove all player features throughout the entire file, but this means no seek bar and no volume on any slides, which is a huge deal breaker. 

I've found this topic in the discussions as far back as three years. Has anything been done to fix this or a decent workaround that doesn't cause losing essential functionality in the project. 

File attached of the issue. 

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Andrew Helms

Hi Wendy! I've already tried disabling them. The problem is that Storyline brings them back when reviewing a quiz, unless you remove every single player feature from the entire project. I really need the seekbar, so this is the only workaround I've found that lets me keep the seekbar and hides the prev and next buttons when reviewing the quiz. 

Did you have a different solution by chance?

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