Prevent dragging of a 'dropped' object?

I have created a drag and drop interaction on a slide layer.

The state of the drop target changes to Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect when the object is dropped - all ok so far...

How do I prevent the user from re-dragging the object from the drop zone, once they have dropped it?  Also, how can I prevent another object being dropped on top of the one already dropped?

I have tried placing a transparent button over the drop zone which switches from Hidden to Normal, but the dropped object appears to be on a layer above the top layer of the slide.

Any ideas please?

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can set the dropped object to disabled state and that should prevent moving it.

As far prevent one being dropped on another, you can set to only allow one object in the target in the drag/drop options. Maybe there's a way with playing with layers (or a hidden object) that would sit over a target after it's filled that could work.???