Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer option is not working?

I have "Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer" checked, but I can still click on base layer buttons when the layer is showing. I have two layers, one works as expected (Miss) the other does not (Hit). Please see the attached file. We are using this file on Monday so any help is appreciated!!!

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Michael Hinze

Hm, maybe I'm missing something, but for me the Hit Layer works as expected. The layer comes up, blocks items on the baselayer and is then closed when its timeline ends. I'm using the latest update of SL360. Also, when I unselect "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" for the Hide layer, then I can't persistently click anything on the baselayer (as expected). 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Susan.  Here's your output on a web server.  I found the same results as Michael and Walt, testing in the latest versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer, Flash and HTML5 output.

In your video, it looks like clicking on the base layer works only once the clown moves away and either of the Hit or Miss layers closes.  I would expect to see the Miss layer show immediately if you could click on the base layer when you're on the Hit layer, or vice versa.  Instead, it appears that you wait until the layer timeline ends and closes, and you're returned to the base.

I'm sorry we're having trouble getting on the same page.  What are your thoughts?