Preventing Clicks on Base Layer Until Layer Audio Completes

Dec 21, 2018


I'm using SL 360 and I know how to prevent a user from clicking on the base layer altogether. Is there a way, though, to prevent them from clicking on the base layer only until audio on another layer is complete? I haven't found a way to be able to do this sort of conditional restriction.


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Jessica Brown

Unfortunately, I can't quite figure out how to make that work. I've attached my slide; hopefully that will help. My issue is that if the user clicks on multiple buttons before the audio is complete on each layer, all of the narration overlaps. I appreciate any guidance.

Nedim Ramic

Hi Holly,

You may hide "X" button and show it when media/audio is complete on each layer. This way you ensure that the learner is not able to close this layer until the audio stops. You may see how I set it up on your ABC layer, just do the same for other layers. I ungrouped your buttons on the base layer so you can take advantage of the visited state for each button when it's clicked. When all buttons are visited, the Next button will be enabled. You can't change the states of grouped objects. I also put a transparent shape over the buttons on the base layer. When the audio stops this shape will change its state to hidden to allow the learner to access the buttons. Otherwise, you would have to put an additional trigger on each layer to stop the audio on the base layer if you click any button before the audio is complete.  Without it, the audio on the base layer would continue playing interfering with the audio on the other layers. Hope it helps. Please find the attached story file.