preventing access to images in 'mobile' folder

I've published a sample version of my course for the web with HTML5 output, but am concerned about having the images in the 'mobile' folder available to anyone who finds the directory.

Is there a way to allow access the course online, but prevent people from getting hold of these images, and from them being indexed by search engines? I'd rather not password-protect the directory, as that would be one more step between people seeing my sample course and purchasing the full version.

I know I can add the directory to a robots.txt file, but that can be an alert that there is potentially desirable content in the folder.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?



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Bruce Holliday

What I often do is duplicate the story.html file and rename it to index.html. As you know SL deletes any previous version when it publishes itself so I keep my index.html page on the server with my edited code in that :)

A little step further is to change it to be dynamic as in index.cfm or php to make use of them for example.