Preventing advance during D&D until audio is finished

May 01, 2013

Hi everybody,

I'm getting close to publishing my first Storyline module but I need to fix one little problem.  In one of my drag & drop exercises I have four items (each in its own layer) set to play a short audio explanation when dropped on their respective targets.  I'd like to prevent the user from dragging the next item until the previous audio is finished.  Somehow I need to prevent the layer 2 audio from playing until after the layer 1 audio is complete.  There's a simple fix here someplace but I'm not seeing it.  Any help out there?


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Jesse Cabaniss

It's hard to say whether this would work or not without seeing the story file, but you could set your layer with the audio to hide when the audio timeline completes. To prevent users from clicking anything while on this layer, you can click on the little cog settings icon for that layer and click the option that says something like "Prevent users from clicking objects on the base layer."

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