preventing audio files from playing

Dec 06, 2016

Hi all, I have where I'm trying to describe how our sales teams function and thier relationships to our channel partners and customers. When you click on any given sales team there is a short animation and an audio file plays. The problem I'm encountering is that if you click on any of the other sales teams the audio for that team begins playing over the audio for the first team. How can I prevent more than one audio file from playing at a time? Do I need to create a layer for each sales team? 

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Brian Allen
Jesse Kramer

I don't want to have a 7 stop audio triggers for each button.

This is exactly what I'd probably do, though. There may be other ways to do this, but I'm not sure that they'd work more reliably or be less work to implement.

A work around that you may consider trying may be adding your audio to slide layers. You'll want to make sure that each layer is set to hide all other layers...

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