Preview lag problem

Hi all, 

Maybe it's not only about the storyline product but related to the computer hardware topic. On my PC, when I do preview or click space to preview the storyline, it always take about 10 sec to load, which is quite demotivated.

May I know how can I solve this problem or I am ready to buy a new laptop with better setup. Appreciate for your advise :)

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Calvin!

Things to Consider and Try When Experiencing Lag

  • It can depend on what elements are on the slide—for example: Is it filled with media, interactions, animations, audio?
  • Be sure your PC is up-to-date with the system requirements. It looks like you're using Storyline 3: Here are its minimum tech specs.
  • Try a simple repair for the app to see if a fresh installation helps with the lag. Here are the steps for Storyline 3.

If these tips don't cut it, let us know and we'll dig in further. You can start a case with our Engineers by using this secure link. ⤶

Farrel De Souza

Hi Kate :)

I'm facing a similar issue, but only when trying to preview the results of the quiz/scenario sections of the e-module, whether on my PC or in Review.

I checked my hardware requirements - I think they're ok. I'm not sure if there's something else missing.

Funnily enough, those parts of the module worked (more or less) fine before I updated my computer and the Articulate suite.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Farrel!

So sorry you're also facing lag and I appreciate you checking the tips above. Let's dig deeper:

  • Are you running Storyline 360 Update 40 or a different version?
  • Does the slowness happen within the app or only in the published output?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing the affected file through this secure link? I'd like to test it in the same environment to see what's going on in the quiz and scenario sections!