Preview timeline with video to add cue points - not working

Sep 24, 2018

Hi there,

I'm using the latest updated version of SL360 and I want to create an interactive video quiz. In previous projects (about 12 months since the last time I did this), I was able to preview the video/mp4 file in the SL timeline and simply press C to add a cue point where I wanted the question to appear.

I'm trying to do this today, and after pressing the little play button, the video simply shows the opening screen shot (still) of the video. The audio from the video doesn't play either - all while the timeline is moving along.

As an experiment, I inserted a shape over the video at the 3 sec mark to last for 3 secs on the screen. This did appear as expected, meaning the play timeline function is working (to an extent) with everything else on the timeline - just not the video file.

When I preview the slide, everything works perfectly. I have captions on the video and these work fine in preview. (I had captions in my previous project, but can't remember if I added them before or after my cue points/ interactive quiz creation). So I'm not sure if this is a factor.

The video file is mp4. Again, not sure if this is a factor, but I don't expect it should be.


Any help would be appreciated. 

Many thanks

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Leonard Puglia

Update - After playing around with a few settings, I got this to work. 

In the video tools section, I had the video set to play 'when triggered'. I had a trigger set to play the video when the timeline starts (which I have set up to set off a variable)

When I changed the setting to play 'automatically', the video and audio now plays in the timeline viewer when I press the play button.

Now I'm not sure what the difference is with these two settings to make the timeline preview behave like this, but it's clearly a bug that doesn't need to be there.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leonard!

I'm glad you found a way to work around that problem, but I wanted to take a closer look at that behavior just in case there's a bug lurking here.

Please check out this video of my testing -- as you can see, the video (with audio) plays when I press the timeline play button. 

Is my file set up differently than yours?

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