Preview tool - buttons in layers not working

Oct 01, 2018

Please help - I am working on a project for a client and have a menu screen set up that uses layers to show the pages with in each topic.

There are 6 topic headings which when clicked show a related layer with the pages of the topic. The user should be able to select each one and go to that page.

I have set up menus this way many times with no problem.

But today it seems this is not working in the review tool - it works in preview in Storyline, and if I publish out, but in the review tool it will not go any where. - I need the client to be able to view and review this in the review tool.

I tried building a basic course that mimics this bahaviour and it appeared to work. So I then tried rebuilding again the menu from scratch - but again it does not work.

Please see review tool link below:


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Leslie McKerchie

Oh no, Lizzie!

Glad you were able to get to the bottom of the issue.

I was reading back through what you've shared here to see if I could offer a solution to anyone that runs across this thread in the future, but I'm not sure I understand.

Are you saying it just seemed to be something particular with your file or were you able to identify something specific that caused an issue for you?

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