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Topic title may be a little confusing, but here's the deal

I've placed a video at my slide. Wow, I'm great! :)

But... When I move the pointing thingy at the timeline, I can see how does the movie look in that particular moment. 

I can't achieve this on other slides - Let's say I have three rectangles on my slide, which come to the slide a different times and I want to see how would the slide look when only one is there, then the second... You know, the basics of timeline in almost every program, because it's timeline :)

I can switch that behaviour somewhere, or it's just for video clips?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mateusz,

When you have objects on your slides that will appear at different points within the timeline, you'll see them at all times on the slide stage. You can use the little "eye" icon to hide the items if they're cluttering up your screen. To view how it will look in progression, you'll want to use the play button on the timeline and then you'll see the items appear/disappear according to their timeline length. The "pointing thingy" you're using sounds like the cue point? For further information on how the timeline in Storyline operates you may want to review this tutorial.