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May 21, 2015

This seems like a bug but may be by design, if I resume on a course the previous button does not work.  Not sure if this is just custom buttons or includes the built in player buttons.

I have tested two courses recently in Scormcloud and found that resuming and then pressing previous does nothing.

Is this by design or is it a bug?  I think this has some serious ramifications on the way I build courses and probably breaks some of the interactions  I have built in the past.  I have tested in both SL1 and 2 and get the same effect but as I stated above this was only custom buttons.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil, 

Thanks for reaching out here - I haven't seen/tested this behavior before but would be happy to and than share with our QA team to confirm. You mentioned you're only seeing this on custom buttons - are they on the slides or a slide master? Is the trigger to return to a particular previous slide or just the normal "previous slide" meaning the last one the user saw? If you've got a sample already set up - feel free to share that, or I'll recreate based on having some additional information.

I searched through the known issues, and didn't see it - so my gut reaction is by design, but I could be wrong. Let me know if you can share some more specifics and I'll get a few samples going. 

Phil Mayor

Hi Ashley thanks for getting back to me. I had not tested with the standard Next/Prev so it may be an issue on those as well.  I have now tested with the standard buttons and custom buttons in AO and it is working fine on resume.  In scormcloud standard buttons seem to work fine.

It is the standard jump to previous slide trigger it all works fine in the course, exit and resume and the previous button  will not work. Tested on Scormcloud and resumes in the correct place but will not go backwards., but some of my courses with custom buttons and same triggers do go backwards

May be by design, or may be something wrong with some of my courses.

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