Price is Right Wheel Game

Oct 21, 2015

Okay, so I'm desperate. I have 16 items with 16 definitions that I want to make a quiz/game with. I've come up with using Scrolling Panel as my wheel that the viewer will slide to find the correct item and then click to match it with the definition that is showing on the screen to the right. I've tried it a couple ways to no avail.

First, I created 16 shapes with states (normal, hover, and visited). Sound effect of the wheel sound as scrolled up or down. Sound effects (ding for right, buzz for wrong) for the shape buttons. I got it to work pretty good save the test scoring for SCORM.

So, I did a Freeform conversion and still had the buttons working good. Thought I'd create a different slide for each definition and then alter the correct answer on each one. Can't get it to move to the next question.

Any suggestions?

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