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Jun 13, 2014

I'm trying to print a certificate at the end of a Quiz in Storyline.

I do not use Articulate Online,

I simply want to print a certificate with the Learners name and date of completion onto different lines on an image of the certificate

Is there any simple way to do this as I'm not good with Java or HTML

I hope someone can help on this as I spent hours on it already


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Helen Tyson

Hi Stephen

Ask your learners for their name using a text entry field and then reference that variable on a slide designed as a certificate at the end of the course.

For the date, create a text variable called "SystemDate" and reference that on the certificate slide too.

Add the following JS trigger to the certificate:

Actin: Execute javascript

Time: When timeline starts

Object: Slide

Script to add is as follows:

var currentTime = newDate()

var month =currentTime.getMonth() + 1

var day =currentTime.getDate()

var year =currentTime.getFullYear()

var dateString=month +"/" + day + "/" + year

var player = GetPlayer();


It doesn't work in every browser but it's worth giving it a shot

There's a demo found here on the support pages:



G Ubhare


If the storyline project was published for web and if the story_html5.html file is launched on a website and assuming users was logged into this website to launch the project.

Is it then possible to get the user information using a Javascript and use that inside the storyline project to produce a completion certificate for the user? 

Is this possible?

Can someone please advise.


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