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Jun 16, 2018

I've created tutorials with quizzes and brought them into my LMS (Blackboard).  On our trial run, many students reported that their results weren't recorded in the LMS.  It's not clear why, so I'm working on figuring out what SCORM options I need to select when publishing from Storyline and importing into Blackboard.  It's hard to understand what they mean and how they affect grades.

Meanwhile, I've added a final slide to the tutorial that shows the student's name, grade, and the date.  I want students to be able to print that slide.  How do I get that to a happen?

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Jean Luyben

Thanks - that’s very useful and meets my needs.  It seems to me, though, that if someone has gone to this extent to find a way to print something, it should be built into the package that I’m paying a lot of money every year to use.  I shouldn’t need to spend most of a day reading through dozens of posts on printing certificates to find a work-around.  (I DID find a post with the print window JavaScript, but not this one - maybe if I had spent another day reading my list of hits I would have found it.)  If I was proficient at JavaScript, I probably wouldn’t have subscribed to Storyline software in the first place.

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