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Dec 02, 2012

I have a slide that has a certificate, everything works fine i.e. students name and grade prints on it no problem.

I am using java script to print the certificte. It all works fine except it prints the entire slide including the menu bar on the side of the player. I would like to be able to print the certificate only. What am I missing? Thanks

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Francis Murello

In Storyline I created a variable using the trigger wizard. So on slide one I created a text box asking the user to fill in their name. Then click on the X at the bottom right corner of the triggr pane and this will open the variable pane. Create your variable here which will be a text variable and then give it a descriptive name. Now that you have created the variable it will be available for use in a trigger at any point you decide to call on it.

Later on I created a certificate slide which was just an image I pulled off the web (royalty free) and then on that slide just called the variable %name%

I then created a series of quiz slides in Storyline. There is a results slide which provides information such as the students score and then what was required to pass. Those are variables as well


(%Results.ScorePoints% points)

I place those variables on that slide and then when Storyline runs yu wil see the name and scores.

When you test this in preview mode, the name will show up but not the score. Both will show up when you publish.

Hope that helps!

UF_Buck Buchholz

I'm amazed that the basic function of having the user print their certificate is not supported natively. 

I have figured out how to call the user's name variable but, for the life of me can't figure out how to (guess at) get the custom variable of user ID that I have them input in the course. Let's say my variable after they input it is called "varCustID". I know the variable works because I have it display on the RESULTS slide. My problem is calling it by the report.html page so, I can customize the page for print. I use JS to print the page. Is there any documentation that actually spells this out?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Donald

I am using Presenter 09. Created the modified report file to add quiz image for certificate. Published the presentation for CD and/ Web use.  After compleing the course, take the quiz, when click on the Print results, the quiz image shows but the script for line 9 (This award certifies, name, for successfully completing this course, awarded on this date) in the modified report.html file does not show nor print.Only the quiz image for the certificate shows.

What can be done to correct this?

Thanks for asistance.

Hayley Banks

Hi David/Anyone else who can help

I am having the same problem as Barbara - I have published for CD and edited my report.html file (attached) and when I go to view the certificate, only the images are displaying. However when manually uploading to Articulate Online, the certificate appears as it should (custom images AND text), so not sure why it isn't working for the CD published version...

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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