Print Open-ended and text entry ENTRIES into website or LMS

Nov 18, 2019

Hello all,

Is there a way or chance to print what users enter into a text entry or open-ended question into LMS or website? Basically, can storyline talk to LMSs and websites more than complete/incomplete/fail/pass?



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Remzi Kizilboga

Thanks for your response Nicholas. Actually, this is not the thing I exactly want. Most importantly, it is not free and my organization will not pay for it. Let me explain a little bit more. For example, I want to create a form using storyline. When I publish it to LMS or website, I want to see all users' responses when they complete the form. I have been adding a print and email function on the last slide so that they share their responses via email but I want their responses to be published directly to a website or LMS. 

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