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Good afternoon!

Feeling frustrated today! My Print Results button worked last week, but today. . .not so much. I have even tried reinserting the button and have gone so far as to rebuild the Results page completely.

Anyone else having an issue like this? I don't know what else to try.

Your contributions and advice are greatly appreciated.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Barry!

What do you mean it's not working? In your published output?

We do have this issue reported:

You may find that question and answer details are missing from your printed results when the following conditions are true:
*  You completed the quiz and exited the course on the result slide.
*  You resumed the course and printed your quiz results.
This is a known issue. We'll post more information here as it becomes available.
Does this sound like your issue or is something else going on?
Barry Fultz


It has stopped printing from the results slide. Yes, in my published output. No exit, no restart. It gives the results and asks for the user name, but doesn't go anywhere or do anything after clicking. It is a course I was able to print from last week in one of our restaurants and here at the office. But not this week. The only change I made to the course was some wording on a free form slide.

Today, I created a new quiz with a  results slide. It went to the results document to print, but only after I forced the computer to allow ActiveX controls to work. I think I need to check with my IT department to see if they made some changes at our locations related to ActiveX controls.

My course doesn't exit on the results slide. I have an Exit slide at the end. So, I don't think that is my issue.


Barry Fultz


Our IT department has made no changes. And now, on the quiz I created yesterday, the Print Results button is not working. Are there any other suggestions for providing Results (short of doing a screen capture and printing that) in a document or printable format for test takers?

Maybe I've missed a check box somewhere.....just not sure.