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Oct 14, 2013


I had a question regarding the print results button.  I want the students to be able to review their test and be able to review their answers for future references. When I insert the button and test out the feature, nothing happens. There's no prompt to print the pages out or anything. Is there something you need to do to make the button function.  Also, I would like to know what does the print results button print out? Does it print only the scores or does it also print the quiz questions and answers out? Please let me know. 



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Ren Gomez

Hi Ruchi,

Storyline doesn't include an email results feature as detailed here, so you'll want to look at solutions provided by other community members such as this discussion here:

Also, I did want to point out the information here on some Javascript best practices to help you set up Javascript. 

Renata Jdanova

Hi All,

Our project may need to send a SCORM package as a stand-alone eLearn to the Customer, as the Customer doesn't have access to our LMS. I was hoping to use the Print Results button with instructions for the learner to email the results to the Instructor. However, this way we won't be able to check the number or attempts to complete this quiz. This way we can analyse if there is an issue with some specific knowledge area.

Is there a function we could use to include the number of attempts to pass the quiz?