print variable - multiple lines of text

Apr 24, 2013

I have a course where the learner stops for reflections at various points in the course and then I have a final slide that pulls in the variables and allows the learner to print it for reference later.  I can set the font size to 12 or 14 and it prints the same when the reflection comments are on a single line, but when they are multiple lines (i.e. lists) the font is unreadable when it's printed, even though I formatted the variables to be 12 or 14 font on this slide.  I've attached screen shots.  I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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Antoinette Coleman

Hello Deb,

Can you explain to me how you created the print button to print what is inside your text fields or your variables.  I'm having a difficult time printing my text fields.  I've used this Execute Javascript with the code javascript window.print(), which only prints a blank page.  I then inserted the the references in the javascript print code and it prints nothing.  Attached is an image of what I'm want to print.

Thank you,


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